Carp O Mania II – Session 1

After a tough day on Twitter, my favourite thing to do is watch ‘The Great Rod Race’ with Matt Hayes and Mick Brown. Lovely stuff.

Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States and Mick Brown enthusiast.

The second Carp ‘O’ Mania commenced all the way back in April of this year, at a club lake in Runcorn, Sandymoor Pool. We chose this lake to be the venue of choice for our second competition as it was the place all 3 of us commenced our angling careers in our innocent youth.

I’ll be honest, a bag of silvers and a butty at dinner was a red letter day back in the day and big Mark always told us tall tales about the elusive large Carp that resided in the depths. Not that we ever seen any evidence on the end of his line.

There was, however, another tall tale that gripped us as youngsters. The bailiffs told us of a catfish that had inexplicably found residence in the water. The first time it was spotted, one of the bailiffs mistook it for a fallen tree it was so large. It had been hooked a few times but no one had been man enough to bring it in. Snapping line up to 30lb.

More on that later.

We got our licences back for the summer and decided we would try and wrestle a carp or two out over the summer and double it up as a place of nostalgia to decide the winner for the second competition.

Sandymoor is a picturesque lake set within a modern housing estate, it boasts 5.2 acres full of lily pads, reeds, rushes, islands and a massive heron. Favoured by the match angler, the carp fishing has died off on the pool, leaving only a few keen (very keen in fact) carp anglers on the ticket.

This is reflected in the looks you get wheeling a carp porter around the lake, dodging long poles worth more than my car and avoiding the glares of the gargoyles that hold them. Not my idea of fun.

Anyway, if you haven’t already read it, go back and read our blog post from the first Carp ‘O’ Mania to see the rules we have for the competition.

I was eager to take the trophy home in this COM after losing by such a close margin in the first. We arrived bright and early on a lovely Sunday morning in April to be met with a working party. S**t.

We found out they wouldn’t be finished until noon and we could help if we had nothing else to do. As new members we don’t have to complete a working party to fish before July and you wont catch me digging out when I don’t have to.

So off we went to look at another club water on another ticket we have that was close by to kill some time. This turned out to be a big mistake.

The other lake we went to have a look at it was Moore Quarry on the Warrington anglers card. It’s a frighteningly deep and vast quarry that contains very big carp but it’s a frustratingly tough fish as we have been told by everyone who has fished it. Still though, we could help a quick look.

So we arrive at the quarry, park up and take a stroll around. First thing to note, is Moore Quarry almost feel’s designed to make it unfishable. The paths are unbelievably narrow and scarce. It had rained heavily the night previous so it was quite slippy along the steep drops down to the pegs and pretty much the waters edge.

We made it halfway around before the pathway decided to stop. Nothing but shrubbery on the fishery side, or a farmers field on the other side. We opted for the farmers field, thinking we could slip back through once the path started again.

This almost worked until we slipped back through to the fishery side to be met with a sheer drop to a slim peg. The only other option was to turn back and I wasn’t doing that, I’m too lazy.

So I scaled the cliff face first, there was a few tense moments but I made it unscathed. Next up was Jon, same again, couple of slips but nothing serious. Mad was last and he struggled. In the end he went for broke, slipped and slid down the hill face first and almost into the quarry.

With a grazed belly covered in mud, we were ready to head back to Sandymoor and get the day’s angling off to a start. All of a sudden Jon told us to stay put and he had to run ahead for a second.

Me and Mad were confused, but good cousins we are, we followed his instructions. He returned a few minutes later and declared we would have to climb back up the slope and head back. No chance.

Turns out, based on the previous days diet of a madras, 12 pints, a kebab amongst other things, his stomach had a bit of wobble and he’s curled out quite a large s***e on the pathway, not the bush or out the way. No. Apparently he had no other option but to curl out a shocker on the path.

Back in the car bruised, muddied and with and a**e caked in s***e. We made it to Sandymoor. Peg’s were picked and the second Carp ‘O’ Mania competition had commenced.

Jon started strong with a 10lb Common and followed it up with an 11lb Mirror. Me and Mad were starting to get nervous, our swims hadn’t got going and already, we’re thinking about damage control.

Jon fished CC Moore Odyssey XXX 18mm boilies, on a standard hair rig with a size 8 Korda Kurv Shank B hook. Coupled with a PVA stringer with 5 boilies, he had gained an early advantage.

It took until teatime for my swim to kick into action, and I responded with a brace of Commons at 8lb and 6lb. I fished a Sticky Krill 16mm dumbbell boilie, on a multi rig, sent out with a PVA mesh bag full of the matching pellets.

While I got the reaction I wanted, It sadly wasn’t enough to claw back any points from the opening session after Mad’s blank and Jon took an early lead of 3-0-0.

Session 2 is an important one, we’re going to get on with it and see if we can pull some points back! See you next time.

Donald Trump tweets me every day. I don’t know who he is, or what he want’s, but he can stick it.

Mick Brown – Greatest Angler of All Time

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