Carp ‘O’ Mania II – Session 2

“You’re only as good as your last haircut.”

Fran Lebowitz

After Jon stormed to an early lead after session 1, everyone wanted to get back out on the bank nice and quick. Jon could put himself way ahead with another few points, Kev and Mad trying desperately to stay in the game.

Interestingly, we all kept our tactics the same. Mad had stuck with his decision to stay on a basic hair rig with the Sticky Bloodworm boilie and pellets, even despite his blank in the first session. Jon sticking to his tried and tested Odyssey XXX approach and I was convinced that the sticky dumbbells would tempt the more match seasoned carp.

Jon was first off the mark again, although this time, it wasn’t a carp he’d hooked. No, in fact this time he’d managed to get a barbed hook stuck into his thigh while setting up his rods. He tried and failed to coax it out himself, and nigh on hid in the car when I said I’d go and get the pliers to rip it out.

In the end he had to use a small blade to cut away at his skin until the barb was free. Not a great start. This was only the beginning. After 3 miscasts, a run that snapped him at his reel and a sore leg, he declared himself the “unluckiest carp angler in history” and had a little sit down.

After he got over his misfortunes, he was rewarded with a couple of small, beautiful commons and an old mirror that put him comfortably ahead. I fought back with a nice long mirror of my own but the hot weather tempted me into surface fishing for the afternoon which proved utterly fruitless.

Mad, however, broke his 4 month blanking streak with a little common that was well received and as we found out in the later sessions, really was the tiny break he needed.

Another big shouldered mirror took another 3 points for Jon and the race was all but over. Mathematically the best me and Mad could do was take it to a tiebreaker session but that meant winning all 6 of the remaining points.

Fear not, session 3 coming your way very soon!

Is that another Angling Direct parcel?

My Missus – Angling Direct Opposer

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