Carp ‘O’ Mania II – Session 3

“Well, I can play in the centre, on the right, and occasionally on the left side.”

David Beckham

Session 3 was a big one for me and Mad. Jon could sit back, knowing he just needed one point from the remaining two sessions to secure victory for back to back Carp ‘O’ Mania’s, and sit back he did.

I changed my tactics up and opted to fish a rod tight to an island with a Crafty Catcher King Prawn 15mm Pop Up with a scattering of the matching boilies and another rod in the margins with a Sticky Krill dumbbell on a bed of the Krill pellets.

Mad kept tight to some lilypads and fished his preferred bloodworm boilies, which left Jon no option but to fish open water on Odyssey XXX.

The day went by in a flash and a blur, with Mad and I having a real red letter day. Jon started slow but picked up the pace late in the afternoon, sadly for him it wasn’t going to be enough to salvage any points.

We all had some very nice fish throughout the day. I was lucky to land a 14lb mirror after it found some weed, after a real melter of a run. Mad kept plucking away and built a very respectable bag of smaller carp and while Jon had some nice captures, it just didn’t make the cut.

86lb and the biggest fish went next to Kev’s name and suddenly there was light at the end of the tunnel. A slim but very possibility of being able to take this to the wire.

Mad, undeservedly, sits with 0 points still, but improving every session.

Carp ‘O’ Mania II is hotting up and the finale is approaching us. Session 4 is in the planning stages and will be up soon!

I’m running out of quirky quotes already.


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