Welcome to the Carp ‘O’ Mania life.

A stormy Merrington and a blank. Of course.

Every fish, is a brew missed. Every brew, is a fish missed.

— Confucius…probably.

This is our first blog post. It isn’t terribly interesting but its a bit of an insight into things to come and a look into us.

Our blogs will consists of reports from our Carp ‘O’ Mania competitions, including videos, pictures, podcasts and written reports.

We’ll also provide the same coverage from our social and out of competition sessions.

We started the Carp ‘O’ Mania competition last year when we started fishing again as adults after starting as kids. We picked up a trophy from a local shop for a tenner and almost instantly, we would kick the pope in the nuts for it. Its essentially bragging rights between us, but hopefully one day we’ll open it up to a larger audience and have it become something more.

Carp ‘O’ Mania Rules

  • Each competition consists of 4 sessions
  • At the end of each session the angler with the biggest fish is awarded 1 point.
  • The angler with the biggest combined weight is awarded 2 points.
  • The angler with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner and in the case of a draw, there is a fifth session between the drawing anglers and biggest combined weight wins the trophy.
  • There are two ‘power moves’ each angler can play only once at any point during the series. Double the weight of their next fish and move pegs.

We fish outside the competition too, so we’ll be posting about that as well, but our first few posts will be taking you back through the two Carp ‘O’ Mania’s that have already taken place for a bit of a history lesson.

So, about us. We’re gonna do some profile pieces later on about us so this is just a quick intro.

First up is Jon, oldest of the group at 28 and in turn the most experienced. Jon started fishing at a very early age and Jon will tell you himself that his 12 year old self would embarrass his 28 year old self on the bank, but an over a decade hiatus from the carp scene will do that to you.

Next up is Josh, 26, cousin to Jon, body like a beachball and balding rapidly. Josh started his angling career aged 12 with Jon as his early mentor. His first fish was hooked with such exuberance, it was retrieved from a bush behind him. Josh also took a 10 year hiatus that damaged his angling skills, but he’s back with a bang.

Lastly Mad, 22, all but bald and ginger to boot. Brother to Josh and cousin to Jon, he has the least angling experience. Only an occasional angler in his youth, he is pretty much starting from scratch as a member of the COM faction. Known for almost dying one time at Greenwood Lakes, during a winter frost he is improving rapidly and will be soon up to speed.

That’s all you need for now, like I say profile pieces, COM reports and other stuff will be available in due course.

We haven’t agreed on a sign off just yet, so here’s Hulk Hogan flexing brother.

  • Welcome to the Carp ‘O’ Mania life.

    July 5, 2019 by

    This is our first blog post. It isn’t terribly interesting but its a bit of an insight into things to come and a look into us.

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